Veda Pulse

VedaPulse® is a hardware and software health analysis system developed on the principle of heart rate variability measurement.

In the East – in India, Tibet and China – the secrets of pulse analysis are closely guarded. This knowledge has been circulating in close circles for generations. In both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the pulse diagnosis tool is used to obtain detailed information about a person’s mental and physical state.

VedaPulse | Digital pulse diagnosis

In addition to the traditional pulse diagnosis, we also perform a pulse diagnosis using the Veda Pulse.

In this way, we combine ancient knowledge with new developments in our practice. Digital pulse diagnosis via VedaPulse analyzes the changes in the heart rhythm. The device measures the differences of the cycles down to the millisecond. A series of different measurements forms a complex rhythm. This rhythm is analyzed by the software.

In this way we get a very comprehensive view of:

  • the general state of health on an energetic level.
  • to what extent stress plays a role in your life.
  • the balance of the 5 elements (Ether, Air, fire, water and earth)
  • the balance in the different doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and the subdoshas (parts of VPK that control the different functions in the body)
  • the energy in the meridians and organ systems (e.g. heart, liver, …)
  • the condition of the tissues
  • the energy in the chakras
  • an overview of the Ayurvedic and Western herbs, aromas and diet that are more/less suitable for you

VedaPulse will never replace Ayurvedic examination and pulse diagnosis. The VedaPulse analysis often provides a surprising insight into the background of the health problems that occur. The results help to provide even more targeted recommendations and treatment plan.

The analysis takes less than 10 minutes. The heart rhythm is recorded via electrodes attached to the wrists; this is completely painless and the analysis can be performed on both children and adults.

  • The VedaPulse analysis is an energetic analysis.
  • VedaPulse does not diagnose diseases.
  • The VedaPulse analysis is performed during the initial consultation and at follow-up consultations to see the effect of the treatment plan.

We ask that you follow the following guidelines to ensure that the test takes place in optimal conditions:

  • Metal objects such as rings, watches, piercing, … must be removed during the test
  • 24 hours in advance: no alcohol, drugs, coffee, black or green tea, food supplements, medication – insofar as it does not pose a risk not to take them.
  • Preferably come a little early and have a good night’s sleep, stress can disturb the results.